At Roberts Construction LLC, we’re proud to provide a variety of construction services, and we use our combined knowledge, expertise, and experience to bring our clients’ vision to life. Feel free to contact us at (317) 339-5972 to ask us anything you may need to know about our services:

Hospital and Medical Renovations Beech Grove

Hospital and Medical Renovations

We are able to completely gut an existing section or floor and re-build the entirety of the structure. We will make new walls and flooring, install cleanrooms, and complete framing, drywall, case work, and paint. The final product will be a full renovation that is move-in ready for equipment and furniture.

New Commercial Construction Beech Grove

New Commercial Construction

Roberts Construction can build nearly any commercial structure from the ground up, including wellness centers, strip malls, big box stores, and offices. We will work with you to make sure the structure is the highest quality of work and within the requirements of local laws of the community, as well as state building codes.

New Residential Construction Tile Beech Grove

New Residential Construction

Whether you want homes built on slabs or basements, we have you covered. We build custom residential homes from scratch, making sure everything that goes into the construction process is top-notch. Our experienced team can build room additions onto existing homes, and construct other buildings that include garages, pole barns, and more.

Residential Renovations Beech Grove

Residential Renovations

When it comes to interior or exterior residential renovations, we’re your team. Roberts Construction does outstanding remodeling work, including bath, kitchen, basement, and more for interior. For outdoor work, we install all types of roofing (asphalt shingles, metal, etc.), all types of siding (vinyl, fiber cement, cedar), and windows.

Fire Protection Infrastructure Beech Grove

Fire Protection Infrastructure

We have personnel that install the infrastructure for companies that provide fire suppression systems within buildings. We install the in-ground part, tap into the city or county water main, and run water lines underground to the building. We offer both direct and loop systems.

Carpet Beech Grove


We’re happy to tackle any type of commercial or residential roof installation that you may need, including asphalt shingles, metal, gravel, rubber, and more.

Water and Sewer Lines Beech Grove

Water and Sewer Lines

For both commercial and residential structures, we provide installation of outside water and sewer lines to run to the building.

Concrete and Asphalt Work Beech Grove

Concrete and Asphalt Work

We build both commercial and residential concrete sidewalks, curbs, driveways, garage floors, porches, and slabs. We also complete great asphalt work for both commercial and residential properties, including driveways, parking lots, pathways, and more. Roberts Construction can install what you want new, replace already-existing asphalt or concrete, or repair it.

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